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Ashyia Divine

Entrepreneur, #1 Business Midwife, Author, Mom and Motivational Speaker

Ashyia Darden is the epitome of a multi-faceted business and family woman. This powerhouse has been blazing trails in the beauty industry for over fifteen years and 9 years in entrepreneurship.  She is every woman. As a mother of two boys and a mogul in the making, she exemplifies the strength of a woman by successfully balancing it all. Darden’s journey has equipped her with the wisdom necessary to effectively mentor in the beauty of business; and she is now coaching others to their versions of success centered in entrepreneurship.  

Darden is a cosmetology graduate from the Technology Center of DuPage. In addition, she has continued to master the skills necessary to keep her at the top of her game, by obtaining certifications from the top beauty affiliated companies. These certifications have been received from the likes of: Aveda, Design Essentials, Indigo, Paul Mitchell and Redken.  This acquired knowledge and constant sharpening of her skills plays a major role in the running of her own, “Hair With Ashyia Divine”, located in Crest Hill, Illinois. Included in her experience as an entrepreneur, Darden has limitless experience with: booth rental, commission based salons, family salons, franchise businesses, spas and upscale suites. She has also served in various capacities of salon management.


    In addition to Ashyia’s expertise with beauty, she is equally versed in the managing the components necessary to establish, run and maintain a thriving business.  Certified by American University of NLP, as a business coach, Darden has effectively consulted various organizations within the United States in their individual walks of organizational business development. Furthermore, her prior experience in banking has proved beneficial in the areas of accounting and effectual money management.


    With her credentials, Ashyia is coaching you and others to excellence in business. She believes that an effective mentor uses the totality of their journey to eliminate the complications of those following behind; and this is exactly what she is doing. With skillful hands, she is building a community of assistance and support for other professionals.  She is truly passionate about those who are serious about cultivating their individual visions of wealth and success. With service that is designed to assist as you develop or restructure your business, Ashyia Darden has a mind to serve as your mentor in the business today. The world is waiting for you to create your niche and thrive. Contact her today for your coaching needs.